dependency tool for RedHat

Arnaud Abelard arnaud.abelard at
Thu Aug 7 22:26:40 UTC 2003

>> You're making a point there. But unfortunatly, once again,
>> up2date/current aren't offering the same services as apt-get, yum,
>> urpmi.. does up2date allow you to install new rpms instead of just
>> keeping the installed one up to date?
> Yes. Man is your friend :-)
> Actually, I think the name of up2date is what causes many people to
> erroneously think of it as "the windows update of red hat".

Exactly... and the fact that current/up2date repositories are rare, very
rare since current isn't finished and ready for mass use (which will come
as soon as the mysql backend is ready and stable) yet and since Redhat
up2date's server isn't publicly available.

> The only major thing up2date doesn't do, that apt/yum/urpmi does, is
> cascade  removal.

Hmm.. i just thought of something about apt-get: it's useless if your
rpmdb isn't consistant.. i mean if you install 1 rpm with --nodeps
because, you have the lastest version of a lib and the rpm you want to
install require a older version of this lib, apt-get will not want to
install anything. Of course it's a good security, but still, it shouldn't
refuse to install anything... i don't know what woud be YUM's behavior in
that case...

I have to admin from what i read on YUM's site, it indeed looks better
than apt. Not only client side, but setting a YUM repository seems really
simple. What's missing: more advertising of YUM, to get more repositories.


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