APT, Yum and Red Carpet

Paul Nasrat pauln at truemesh.com
Thu Aug 14 07:32:18 UTC 2003

On Wed, Aug 13, 2003 at 03:15:26PM -0400, Michael K. Johnson wrote:
> We haven't made a committment to include SELinux in Cambridge++,
> nor to not include it.  :-)  We're certainly actively working on
> SELinux, and if there are like-minded developers who want to, say,
> participate with us in doing policy work, speak up, and maybe it
> will make sense.

This sounds like a good idea.  Personally policy is an important part of
systems administration, so I'd imagine that enterprise
customers/developers/sysadmins would fit in here.

> I'm personally curious: how many people on this list have worked on
> SELinux policy and/or policy tools?

Well I'm just building rpms from the tar.gz's and there's work to be don
there.  The policy rpm isn't buildable by non-root users out of the box,
well I've been meaning to play for a while so I'll look at fixing the
spec and pushing patches upstream.


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