RH Taroon Beta Open Ports

Steve Dickson SteveD at redhat.com
Mon Aug 25 18:18:35 UTC 2003

rhldevel at assursys.co.uk wrote:

>>statd (i.e. nfslock) probably does not need to be running if NFS is not 
>>configured but
>>tunning off portmapper is a bit extreme... Not only do local process 
>>expect portmapper
>>to be there,
>Which local processes? We've already heard about sgi_fam, and we already
>know about NIS and NFS, but is this really worth leaving it listening on
>external interfaces in a _default_ install?
third party applications of our beloved customers... There are 
*probably* a few more
applications other than NFS and NIS that need to advertise ports.... 
Remember the
RPC subsystem has been around for a very long time which means we really 
what we would be breaking by turning it off... Just because you don't 
know about
something..... does not mean they don't exist....

>>point being turning off portmapper could (and probably will) cause 
>>unexpect process
>>to fail in unexpect ways making very difficult to debug especially 
>>during installation...
>As a matter of course, I disable portmap and rpc.statd on any machine not
>expected to perform NFS or NIS and have not noticed any side effects as a
So we can assume that your system is an *exact* clone of every other 
linux system
out there... so what works in your world will work everywhere.... I'm 
sorry but
I just don't by your logic...

>>Portmapper has been around quite a long time making it pretty bullet 
>Funny, 'cos in my universe, the portmapper is regarded as one of the most
>vulnerable pieces of UNIX software, along with rpc.statd, sendmail and BIND.
Educate me...  How has it *recently* (i.e within the that 3 years) been 
And what damage was caused?

>>So I see no reason what so ever to turn off portmapper. Lets not make a
>>system more difficult to deal with for simply no reason...
>...but there is a reason - making new installs secure by default. For a
>admin who's already configuring NFS or similar, the extra step of
>chkconfig'ing portmap and rpc.statd isn't much of a burden.
Again.... NFS and NIS are not the only user of portmapper... We have to keep
in mind  the entire industry... not just or own little worlds....


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