Fedora LiveCD : Looking for Betatesters - Port of redhat 9.0base to fedora core 1 / Legal issue Discussion

Dirk Westfal livelinux at nwst.de
Wed Dec 3 10:43:23 UTC 2003

Hi all,  

thanks for the feedback and hints/headsups  (it never occurred to me, that 
ntfs read support might be a problem ...) :

On Wednesday 03 December 2003 09:57, Colin Charles wrote:
> On Tue, 2003-12-02 at 22:52, Jef Spaleta wrote:
> > >Hmm, Debian is a USA based project, and Knoppix, it's spin-off is
> Fair enough. I think Dirk Westfal better be reading, lest he lands up in
> trouble.

That's why I'm using the term 'based on' or 'uses packages of'.   
Currently (and also in future) my cd does not use any official logos of 
neither redhat nor fedora. 

I did not (and do not ;) intend to claim to build the 'official' demo cd, I'm 
merely porting my existing system(s) to fedora to look how it will work out. 

(since rh9.0 will end in april 2004 i had to decide wether to switch to 
debian, rh enterprise or fedora. )

A cd that i create will most likely be named somthing like 
'xkde/ basilisk, using packages of fedora core 1'  

> Alan Cox has mentioned that if its worthy, it could be called the
> "Fedora LiveCD". Who decides its worthiness?

in short: fedora staff and developer community ? ;-)

> > What if the LiveCD I roll up..totally sucks? I assure you it would.

Full ACK! here.
> Yes, I didn't look at it from this point of view. Naming seems to be
> everything these days.

Again, full ACK. 


> Well, to some degree, I guess the LiveCD project is in beta and can't be
> "officially" blessed, because it doesn't even run the regular Fedora
> kernel. It's a stock kernel with openmosix patches applied.

so i'm not too much under pressure here ... 

> > -jef"if the point of a liveCD is to demo a distro...but the liveCD ends
> > up having many custom features the base distro does not have like ntfs
> > support...what's the point again?"spaleta

I think a 'officially blessed' live cd should truly include only packages and 
features that the fedora developer community agrees on -  I think it's a 
little to early for this. 

> There exists ntfs read support apparently.
> Actually, veering from this, maybe we should be creating a Fedora non-us
> archive of sorts? Or is Fedora Extras a project that'll keep the NTFS
> stuff, and the non-blessed Core stuff? (currently, that seems to be the
> case, with the mplayer/divx/mp3 archives).

That could be a great idea -  especially for a non us customer...

so long,

Dirk Westfal

Dirk Westfal //Admin//RHCE/6.2//QB/DGQ 
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