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Robert Marcano robert at marcanoonline.com
Tue Dec 9 20:20:07 UTC 2003

On Tue, 2003-12-09 at 15:45, Bill Nottingham wrote:
> Karl DeBisschop (kdebisschop at alert.infoplease.com) said: 
> > It does not extend to setting a system default MTA, for instance, that a
> > user can choose to override. Or a system wide print system. Although I
> > suppose there could be extensions...but MTAs and printers handle many
> > mime types, most of which are also handled by some desktop viewer. So
> > it's both mime type and context that determines the app that gets
> > invoked.
> Well, I'm coming from a different perspective. Basically....
> Supporting two printing systems in the core OS is dumb. It's a waste
> of development effort all around, and it was probably a mistake when
> we did it. The way to a stable, mature, robust OS is to support one
> solution that does it *right* in the general case. It's why I'm leery
> of the sendmail/exim/postfix or wu-ftpd/vsftpd/pure-ftpd/proftpd
> situation, and I think using alternatives for three flavors of vi is
> extremely crazy.

I don´t think it was a mistake, i believe that it was the best solution
to allow people to migrate gradually to cups

> Basically, in my opinion, spending a lot of time implementing an
> infrastructure to support choosing between 6 web browsers is better
> spent *fixing* one of the web browsers to support all of the
> features you need.
> > Nor does it let me choose a default RDBMS for users to access, whether
> > it mysql or PostgreSQL,
> It's not logical for this; they don't have the same interface in a way
> that would be handled by alternatives.
> > or running a single server with multiple versions of PostgreSQL
> > installed.
> This sounds more like a parallel install situation:
>   http://ometer.com/parallel.html
> Bill
Robert Marcano

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