FC2 initial schedule posted

Chris Funderburg chris at funderburg.com
Mon Dec 15 21:07:54 UTC 2003

Michael K. Johnson wrote:

>Finalizing the new set of leaders was taking longer than I had hoped,
>so we just picked an ad-hoc committee of Red Hat and external people
>and hammered out a schedule last week, and then refined it a bit
>afterward.  Here it is:
I noticed the beautiful word *SPARC* in there.

We have half a server room sitting here with Sun Enterprise machines 
gathering dust.
I *really* don't want to install Solaris 9 on them if I don't have too.  
So, how realistic
is that for FC2 and how much work will it take?  If  (eventually) it 
gets into FC,
will it then go into the next RedHat Enterprise?

Also, I'd really like to help with testing any eventual SPARC rpm's, but 
are there any HOWTO's
somewhere on how to set up the absolute *basic* (RPM based) system that 
doesn't need to boot into Solaris?

Chris Funderburg
Senior Systems Administrator
DCI Systems

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