SNMP detection of network printers, part 2

Tim Waugh twaugh at
Thu Dec 18 09:58:02 UTC 2003

The redhat-config-printer package is now renamed
system-config-printer, and now has properly-working SNMP detection

Please try it out.  After going to add a JetDirect printer look in
.xsession-errors to see what SNMP or IEEE 1284 IDs were missing from
the foomatic database. (If they aren't missing, your printer make and
model should be correctly identified in the graphical interface.)

For instance:

No IEEE 1284 match: {'model': 'hp color LaserJet 4600', 'cmdset': 'PJL,MLC,BIDI-ECP,POSTSCRIPT,PJL,PCLXL,PCL', 'manufacturer': 'Hewlett-Packard'}
No SNMP match: 'hp color LaserJet 4600'

Let me know this information so that I can teach it to foomatic!

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