XFS in Fedora Core 2

Michael K. Johnson johnsonm at redhat.com
Fri Dec 19 14:44:06 UTC 2003

On Thu, Dec 18, 2003 at 05:35:13PM -0800, Florin Andrei wrote:
> Now that the schedule for the Fedora Core 2 got published, i don't see
> any mention of XFS.

We didn't mention much in the way of individual features there; that
is not the point of the schedule.

> - will XFS support be included in the kernel?

I expect so.

> - how about userland XFS support? (the XFS utilities required for
> formatting, dumping/restoring, etc.)

I expect so.

> And finally, is there any reason to hide so cautiously the other
> filesystems in the installer?

Yes, the same reason we have always had!

That doesn't mean it's inviolable, but the reason hasn't gone away.


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