Kernel 2.6 options that should be used on Fedora Core 2

Laurent GUERBY laurent at
Fri Dec 19 19:06:45 UTC 2003

(OT political rant)

On Fri, 2003-12-19 at 17:57, Dave Jones wrote:
> Being based in the US, Red Hat has to worry about US patents.
> The other distros you mentioned are both based in Europe.
> It'll be interesting to see how the situation changes with the arrival
> of European software patents.

"be interesting" is not the way I would be put it, I'd
call it "sad and unfortunate".

Current europarl has been convinced that software patents
are a bad idea, the currently voted directive text is
unambiguous about the rejection of software patents
(that's the first time the europarl reversed to this
level a text written by big industry lobbies).

Pro patent activists are waiting for the renewal of the europarl
to try again to pass legalization of software patents.
If they fail a second time, that's the end of software
patents in Europe, and a hell of a great day for free software.

Did Red Hat support the fight against software patents in Europe?

If software patents pass in Europe, that's the end of Red Hat
in the USA since it will open the patent trials floodgate
and there's not one package shipped by Red Hat which
is free of software patent claims (or any piece
of software anyway...).


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