feedback and request for help with x86_64 preview

Warren Togami warren at
Tue Dec 30 08:35:58 UTC 2003

Tony Grant wrote:
> Le mar 30/12/2003 à 09:01, Warren Togami a écrit :
>>1) Most of the time my USB keyboard is completely unable to function 
>>during post in order to get into the BIOS menu, or to choose settings in 
>>GRUB.  Setting Legacy USB options in the BIOS seems to not help the 
>>situation.  Sometimes the USB keyboard inexplicably works, then after a 
>>reboot it doesn't.
> Interesting. My Epia M10000 has exactly the same symptoms. Same bad VIA
> chipset???

There could be any number of other factors, not necessarily limited to VIA.


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