BitTorrent enabled downloads & updates

Panu Matilainen pmatilai at
Fri Jul 25 07:45:37 UTC 2003

Quoting Elijah P Newren <newren at>:

> Sorry for the cross-posting.  I originally posted this idea on #fedora
> at and Anvil suggested I email these two lists with
> this idea.  My idea was the following: 
>    Have apt-get/yum/up2date/<insert favorite packaging system here>
>    use BitTorrent for file downloads.
> This would have the following benefits:
>    Users would get a much faster download rate (at least, that's
>      been my experience for the downloads I've done with
>      BitTorrent).
>    It would alleviate the 'which mirror should I use' problem.
>    Anyone could easily become a mirror.
>    It should keep any specific mirror from getting overloaded.
> I figured this made so much sense that someone else has already thought
> of it and perhaps already implemented it.  Anyone know if that's the
> case?  If not, does that idea sound interesting to others?

Haven't tried it though..

    - Panu -

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