ANNOUNCENEMENT: release of mach 0.4.0 "Barcelona"

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at
Mon Sep 8 11:26:00 UTC 2003

I've just released mach 0.4.0 - it might interest you because it's a
very useful tool to write clean spec files and build clean packages.

Please give it a spin, read the README and these release notes, and
experiment.  I appreciate all feedback, good bad, or ugly bugs.

mach - make a chroot - RELEASE NOTES

Announcing the release of mach 0.4.0 - "Barcelona"

mach allows you to set up clean roots from scratch for any distribution
or distribution variation supported.

This clean build root can be used to run jailed services, create disk
images, or build clean packages.

mach can currently set up roots for the following distributions:
- Red Hat 7.2 (basic, updated, FreshRPMS)
- Red Hat 7.3 (basic, updated, FreshRPMS)
- Red Hat 8.0 (basic, updated, Fedora, JPackage, GStreamer, FreshRPMS)
- Red Hat 9   (basic, updated, Fedora, JPackage, GStreamer, FreshRPMS)
- SuSE 8.1/8.2
- Dave/Dina oven/fridge

Read the README included in the distribution for a better overview.

mach is helpful:
- to create minimal chroot environments to jail services in
- to create clean packages for distributions
- to catch spec file mistakes, missing buildrequires, and more

mach's homepage is at
mach is hosted on SourceForge; the project page is

a) On a Red Hat 9 system, install the mach rpm from
b) su - mach
c) mach setup base
d) mach chroot
   poke around a bit in the fresh root
e) exit
f) mach rebuild

If all goes well, you'll get a nice freshly built vorbis-tools package.

Now go out, experiment and bug report !

Please report all bugs to me at thomas (at) apestaart (dot) org.

Always state what platform you are running on, if it's a clean install
or somehow updated, how I can reproduce the bug, and output of a run of
the failed command with -d (debugging).


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