CD burning with Nautilus, was: Why xcdroast and not gcombust?

Chris Ricker kaboom at
Mon Sep 8 14:47:28 UTC 2003

On Mon, 8 Sep 2003, Alexander Larsson wrote:

> A cd burning application would be a pretty bad ui for burning an audio
> CD, since in them you can't easily listen to the tracks, find the music
> from your library, view id3 information, see how many minutes the
> current list of music is, etc. Unless of course this was a specific
> audio-burning-app. But then, if it were, it would be pretty close to a
> music player. The macos X music player iTunes has a burn button. End
> users seem to have no problem understanding it.

The major Windows cd burning applications burn audio CDs, and they do all
the "this many minutes left", "preview track", etc. stuff.

I really would NOT expect to find that functionality in a music player. I'd 
expect it in a CD burning application. What I'm doing is burning a CD. The 
contents of that CD should be irrelevant.


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