CD burning with Nautilus, was: Why xcdroast and not gcombust?

Nils Philippsen nphilipp at
Tue Sep 9 07:33:29 UTC 2003

On Mon, 2003-09-08 at 21:40, André Kelpe wrote:
> Am Mon, 2003-09-08 um 20.59 schrieb Havoc Pennington:
> > Not that I'm above speculating on mailing lists ;-) fwiw I 
> > think it makes a ton of sense that if I have a playlist I should be able
> > to say "put this playlist on a CD" - keep in mind that iTunes is
> > primarily a playlist/music-library manager, not just a player in the
> > xmms mold.
> In my opinion this is the right way. Let me show you one nice example
> how this is done in the KDE World (or better in the world of software
> based upon KDE components).
> There is a nice music-mixing application which is called yammi
> ( It is designed as an music manager with two
> players (uses xmms or noatun) and some really good playlist 
> capabilities. It has menu entry which allows you to burn your playlist
> via k3b (look at my other mail in this thread for more information).
> This is the right way to integrate those functinalities. You have the
> possibility to burn your playlist, but the application itself does not
> have this functinality, it uses another (IMHO really good) application
> to do this. This is how interaction and integration should be.

Yes. You wrote exactly what I think (and wrote as well, but with more

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