Implicit/minimum buildrequires

Jakub Jelinek jakub at
Mon Sep 22 19:09:18 UTC 2003

On Mon, Sep 22, 2003 at 04:04:19PM -0300, Alexandre Oliva wrote:
> >> Why would you need these to install a package that is say just a set
> >> of shell scripts?
> Err...  Sorry, I meant `to build a package'
> > There is not much point of installing rpm-build if you don't want to build
> > packages
> Right.  The point is that building packages doesn't necessarily mean
> compiling.

Sure, but 95% of packages need compiling.
So, either you save disk space for the very rare case somebody will be
only building the 5% of packages and have to add all the usual build requirements
to the 95% of packages (wasting disk space in those src.rpm's), or you
do what I proposed (or have the status-quo, ie. the usual build requirements
aren't recorded anywhere and it is unclear what they really are).


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