Interesting article on boot ordering

Bill Nottingham notting at
Tue Sep 23 22:21:04 UTC 2003

Bill Nottingham (notting at said: 
> Enrico Scholz (enrico.scholz at said: 
> > > systems, and expecting them to make sense of them. ... For something
> > > like an init system, I'd think the required featureset is small enough
> > > that you should be able to only need one system.
> > 
> > Ok; you have the choice between:
> > 
> > minit ... fast and reliable
> > sysv  ... widely used for years
> minit is not particularly fast in and of itself. It's no faster
> than SysV init; it's just a matter of what you configure it to
> run.

Let me rephrase, not *significantly* faster. Testing of minit
configured similarly to our current SysV init setup showed a
speed gain on boot of 1.5-2 seconds, out of around 60. 


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