Showstopper in the RPM submission procesdure

Eric S. Raymond esr at
Mon Sep 29 09:30:23 UTC 2003

Pekka Savola <pekkas at>:
> If a package in Fedora Core is maintained by non-RH person X, having
> person X go through Bugzilla to update his package (whether with a tool or
> not), implying having a Red Hat person look at the problem and apply it in
> a timely fashion, is IMHO *way* too heavy a process.
> We need more than that, e.g. CVS commit access to the server housing the
> RPM spec files and patch files, etc.
> I'm not saying that the tool you propose would not be useful, I just think 
> that (at least as I see Fedora) it's still too heavy a process...

That's not a philosophical issue I'm equipped to have an opinion on,
at this point.  Fundamentally, I don't care (for purposes of designing
this tool) whether the submission channel is Bugzilla or something
else, and whether submissions are filtered by a human or not.  

What I care about is that *there be a tool that allows remote-scripting the
submission process*.  I don't see that the interface of the tool needs
to be any more complicated than 

	fedora-submit --tree {stable|testing|...} foo-1.2.3.fdr.0.rpm

regardless of how the process is actually implemented.  My present
plan is to implement fedora-submit as a wrapper around a script for
submitting Bugzilla bugs (which script I have just finished writing) 
but that is an implementation detail about which the user should not
have to care.  If you guys want to change the implementation mechanism,
you just tell me and I'll make fedora-submit use it.

So let's *not* get sidetracked onto whether the submission process 
is right or not.  Just tell me what it actually *is*.
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