Several Different kernel related (?) problems

Hans Kristian Rosbach hk at
Fri Aug 13 12:26:49 UTC 2004

> Ah fun. So your machine is choking before Linux even runs. I hadn't realised
> it was failing that early. 
> > Walkthrough?
> When the text appears hit
> 	a  acpi=off [return] b [return]
> however it seems like your problems are elsewhere.

I'll try this nevertheless.

> > MacOs 10. something is what the customer told me.
> > I have just about zero chance of getting them to do a tcpdump for me.
> > If anybody wants to try, one of the domains in question is
> You'll need dumps because without them you'll never figure out what
> router/load balancer/weird happening on the route is involved.

I'll have to rely on any kind 3'rd party person with a mac then, anyone?

> > We have renamed ssl.conf to make sure it is disabled now in hope that it
> > will solve this problem. This might have something to do with crackers,
> > as we are seeing some moderate hostility against just that server.
> CAN-2004-0493/0488 possibly - fixed in the httpd update to 2.0.50

It runs httpd-2.0.50-2.1

>> Another thing I notice is that while memory does get full, it
>> will not swap..  Even with 2.5GB free swap.
>memory full and memory all needed are different things. Keeping
>memory full is good so Linux will always try and do this.

Well, I know there is the buffer and cache. But this is actual used
memory as calculated by:
let mem_used=$mem_total-$mem_free-$mem_buffers-$mem_cached
Those are extraced from /proc/meminfo

My script records a steep climb from 10% used up to 80% in just ~30sec,
then the logfile goes silent. The log is written every 10sec.
It also gains ~600-900 in load during that same time.

Whatever does it is doing it FAST.


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