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Chris Adams cmadams at
Tue Aug 17 13:33:17 UTC 2004

Once upon a time, Paul Jakma <paul at> said:
> 1. A good reason to not put root on LVM - your rootfs is your primary 
> rescue partition.. Why would you need LVM for root fs anyway?

Why would you need LVM for any FS?

- Ability to easily resize partitions to meet changing needs.  This
  applies to root as well (ever had to blow everything away because root
  needed to be larger for an upgrade?).

- Ability to easily migrate to new storage.  I haven't used this with
  Linux LVM, but I have migrated Tru64 AdvFS filesystems from one set of
  drives to another without having to shut down; combined with on-line
  filesystem resizing, you never need to shut down for storage
  maintenance again.

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