Self Introduction: Mike Barnes

Mike Barnes strepsil at
Mon Aug 23 11:37:39 UTC 2004

OK, I've been "getting around to this" for far too long ...

Full legal name:
Michael Kenneth Barnes

Country, City:
Australia, Melbourne

Profession or Student status:
Intermittent student, alleged professional

Company or School:
Loose association with Monash University, employed by Melbourne IT,
own business on the side

Your goals in the Fedora Project:
I have a burning desire to see the Alpha platform supported properly.
One day, I'd like to see "Alpha" on the supported hardware list so I
don't feel so weird about submitting Alpha-related patches and
enhancements to package maintainers.

Which packages do you want to see published?
Being a Mac user, I'd like to see some Rendezvous/Zeroconf stuff
integrated into the distribution. This is just a passing fancy, though
- I'm not bothered by its absence.

Do you want to do QA?
Time permitting, I'll do anything I can.

Historical qualifications
Over a decade in IT in one form or another, first booted Linux when it
was pre 1.0 on a friend's 386 and was completely fascinated while
being totally uncertain about what possible use it might be. I've
built customised versions of various Redhat and Fedora distributions
for special purposes in the past, and know my way around the system
passably well.

What other projects have you worked on in the past?
Worked on? Sumitted the occasional bug, maybe, but can't really say
"worked on" too much. Unless you count the current project of getting
Core 2 running on my DS10 ...

It's been brought up in passing on this list that I'm semi-maintaining
a Core 2 tree for the Alpha right now. To be honest, there wasn't a
lot involved beyond figuring out the build order to meet dependencies
when starting from nothing more recent than Redhat 7.2. the hard bits
of glibc and the compiler toolchain were thankfully managed by someone
else. Anaconda is still proving to be a bit of a pain, but I remain

For the record, the current tree is at:

Most of the discussion on it so far has been on the Redhat axp-list,
which I've been following for quite some time.

What computer languages and other skills do you know?
A little of this, a little of that - I wouldn't call myself a
programmer by a long shot, but I can hack little things together,
shell script my way out of trouble when necessary, and throw together
the occasional semi-elaborate web-based application with PHP or Perl.

Why should we trust you?
That's a personal choice and I can't imagine anything I say here would
influence anyone in any way. There's a little something to be said for
visible results, though - and they're on the FTP site mentioned above.

GPG KEYID and fingerprint:
pub  1024D/24217BD0 2004-06-17 Mike Barnes (RPM Builds) <mike at>
     Key fingerprint = 95CC 5246 A2FC BB45 8BEC  844E E069 4F6A 2421 7BD0
sub  1024g/C001B755 2004-06-17

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