kernel 2.6.1-1.65 and VIA Apollo Pro266T AGP

ByteEnable ByteEnable at
Sun Feb 1 16:40:05 UTC 2004

Hi All,

I get random ascii characters on the screen and the system freezes when
using the newest NVIDIA driver (5536) and kernel 2.6.1-1.65.  The error
happens when X tries to load.  I checked and did not see any
bugs in bugzilla.  However, I did find this:

"Linux 2.6 AGPGART seems to be broken on some chipsets. If you find that
your system hangs upon starting X, potentially with ASCII garbage all
over the screen, try the built-in NVIDIA AGP GART driver (Option "NvAgp"
"1", AGPGART not loaded) instead."

Has anyone else see this problem?


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