Package redirects as a solution

Eric S. Raymond esr at
Sun Feb 1 22:11:38 UTC 2004

Dams <anvil at>:
> DMCA doesnt apply here. Neither software patents does (so far). So we
> just get rid of those two "details". is not, i repeat, is
> NOT a warez site : we wont provide any mame rom, win32 non distributable
> dll, or Britney Spears mp3^WOgg Vorbis as rpm as long as they are
> _copyrighted_. 

Fine, I think nobody wants you to commit acts that would be substantively
piracy.  I though the tar archives of dlls were redistributable but 
apparently I'm wrong.

I agree with the earlier suggestion that package-level redirects would
be a good solution for some of this sort of thing.  So, for example,
the Fedora yum repository could carry a redirect that would send
queries for flash-plugin to the macromedia site.
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