release candidate zsh configs

Jens Petersen petersen at
Tue Feb 3 07:11:03 UTC 2004

Hi Eric,

>>>>> "EH" == Eric Hattemer <hattenator at> writes:

    EH> The zsh config files in
    EH> (link of ./zsh-etc-1-30-01PST.tar.bz2) are ready for
    EH> submission.  

Thanks. :)

Actually it would be good if you could put this rfe into
bugzilla.  That way I won't forgot about it: though I hope
to take a look at it before too long, it would be very good
to have a record of the changes there.

    EH> I would like to remove /etc/skel/.zshrc
    EH> because it is not expected that someone will install
    EH> zsh before adding users.  All it does is source
    EH> /etc/profile, which I moved into /etc/zshrc.

Well, no there is a reason for that, see:


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