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Toshio toshio at
Thu Feb 26 18:23:28 UTC 2004

On Thu, 2004-02-26 at 12:40, Dag Wieers wrote: 
> > > > the 'Source-tag may not have macros' decision
> Well, if it's not a macro, you may have the situation where someone 
> changes the version, forgets to change the Source-tag and releases a newer 
> version with older software. Would the QA person notice that ?

1] Most of the time this will fail because the builder only has the new
source in the SOURCE area.

2] If we have a messy SOURCE area, it will still fail because the
tarball will create the directory foo-oldver and the rpmbuild process
will try (and fail) to access foo-newver.

3] In the few cases where this doesn't fail (because someone decided
to use %setup -n foo-oldver [I've never seen this construct, only
%{name}-%{version} which will fail b/c #2] or the tarball doesn't
include versions in its toplevel directory [I have seen this]) you do
have to rely on your QA people.  But it is pretty obvious to spot.
(Why am I downloading the 0.12 tarball to build the 0.15 RPM?)

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