VIA EPIA-M + 2.6.0 + Fedora Core 1

Tony Grant tony at
Thu Jan 1 17:30:49 UTC 2004

Hello and happy New Year Fedora developpers!

I spent the first day of the year installing a hand compiled 2.6.0
kernel on my VIA EPIA-M10000 based hush. I rolled my own because I
wanted some VIA specific features. 

1. I was burned by module loading. How do I get modules to load? By
modifying /etc/rc.sysinit? At the moment I am loading sound and usb by
hand... The system is still trying to load HID at boot - where is it
reading that from? I have all the new module tools and converted etc.
etc. Modules are a mess and the man pages are of no help until they are

2. Alan, your via_drv.o is working just fine but of course I no longer
have DRI because the via.o kernel module is no more. Xine runs - plays
sound but no image of course until I get via + v4l sorted, it does not
crash on exit which is nice.

Speed of this kernel on a desktop is as advertised! Learning my way


Tony Grant

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