Package Request: Gretools vocabulary builder

Arvind Narayanan arvindn at
Tue Jan 20 17:07:03 UTC 2004

Name: gretools
Version: 1.2.1
License: GPL
Language: Python
Actively Maintained?: yes
Author Contacted and Approved?: yes (I'm the lead developer)
Packages exist?: yes (
Gretools is a vocabulary building tool for GNOME. It consists of a
synonym quiz, a word guessing game and a word browser. It automatically
remembers the words you had difficulty with and lets you revise them. You
can set a filter to restrict the space of words to practice on.

Reasons for requesting:
Small size, works well, integrates well with GNOME, intuitive UI, really
useful for preparing for word tests.

Rough Software Requirements (all available in Fedora Core 1):
 python >= 2.2
 gnome-python2 >= 1.99
 gnome-python2-gconf >= 1.99
 pyorbit >= 1.99
 pygtk2 >= 1.99
 pygtk2-libglade >= 1.99

Target: Core
Reason: Useful to a wide audience, nice complement to KDE edutainment


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