Usb memory sticks

Chadley Wilson chadley at
Thu Jan 22 13:37:51 UTC 2004

You would by any chance feel upto the harder challenge and help in learning
to do it the hard way?

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On Wed, 21 Jan 2004, Chadley Wilson wrote:

> Hi Again.
> The second thing I need help with is USB memory sticks.
> Mounting the device from shell is fine for me but I need to learn how to
> write an auto-mount script, for the end-users.
> So just as you will insert a cdrom and an icon appears on your desktop,
> I would like the same for USB mem-stick with one exception. Instead of
> eject it must unmount for safe removal of the device.

You can use devlabel to get it to automount. Getting it to auto umount is
harder. :-)


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