Menu Policy - please read if you maintain a package with a .desktop file in it!

Richard Hally rhally at
Fri May 14 02:58:29 UTC 2004

Seth Nickell wrote:

> This is not the same issue. You can still install whatever the hell you
> want for your users. This is about what we treat as a default, or
> slightly customized default, install. From the installer you can still
> select individual packages, or go inside a package set and select one of
> the packages that is not installed by default but is a member of that
> set.
> That said, the current "everything shows up in everybody's menu" way of
> doing things is lame. That problem should be addressed head on.
> -Seth

Once you get past that 20th century-command line mentality, you'll be 
ok. ;) There are billions of people that use computers that never see 
the command line: If it's not on a menu it doesn't exist.
If I install some software it better show up on the menu. Especially if 
I do an 'everything' install, I what to be able to find everything on a 
menu somewhere! I guess that attitude comes from having been a GUI 
designer/builder/programmer for several years.
Richard Hally

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