Feature request regarding modularity of DISPLAYMANAGERS in the upcoming fc3

Rudolf Kastl che666 at uni.de
Wed Sep 1 10:06:35 UTC 2004

Hello to you.

As you all know the current way of selecting DISPLAYMANAGERS (such as
kdm gdm...) is rather nonmodular. Instead id suggest to use a system
similar to the session entrys (.desktop files) and push an expansion of
the freedesktop.org menu standard regardings DMs. The selection of the
dm could happen via a command line utility that does symlinks.

With above solution one could easly write a dynamic gui for that system
that could also be used as switchdesktop-gui replacement if 2 vars are
exchanged... the dir to look for .desktop files and the symlink to
create ;).

We need a modular system here. if its not going to happen i will have to
override stock packages here with the upcoming fc3 release.

rudolf kastl


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