[FC2] OT - Desert Combat F-16 bug

Shockwave shockwave at clan-tf20.com
Wed Sep 1 21:36:24 UTC 2004

On Wed, 2004-09-01 at 12:58, Stephen J Smoogen wrote:
> I would add the c++ and the ncurses from FC1 'just-in-case' to your 
> /usr/local/games/fc1glibc tree also. use the directions jakub gave in 
> the previous email using rpm2cpio.
> I am guessing that these will NOT fix the problem.. but it would be best 
> to get those out of the way right now. Nothing better to avoid a 
> glibc/kernel finger pointing match as quickly as possible. ;).

Done.  Now all libraries in use are the ones in my special directory. 
Unfortunately, you were right.  The problem remains.

> I am heading towards that in my case. My view will be that the server 
> code is written expecting something that 2.4.xx gives FPU wise and 
> 2.6.xx gives differently. The code is closed sourced? If it isnt it 
> would be interesting to find out where it is goofy now.. because it 
> might affect other people doing scientific code who assume that their 
> code works on 2.4 it will work smae on 2.6

I agree that this has implications in areas other than this game server
code, but the game engine code is closed sourced.  I could write
Electronic Arts and ask them, however I don't expect they will care to
listen.  They never replied to any of my email when I wrote them asking
for non-proprietary information to develop some anti-cheat code to help
the gaming community so I don't expect them to care now when their
proprietary code is involved.  I can try, but I think I would need some
fairly strong arguments and perhaps the backing of someone else who
isn't the leader of a competitive gaming team.  If it had an impact on
homeland security...maybe they'd help...maybe.  ;)

> rpm -ivh --force <kernel.rpm>
> Check grub.conf to make sure it didnt break anything.

Since the server is co-located in a downtown facility, I'm going to wait
until tomorrow morning to mess with the kernel.  If I do something that
hoses the system, it will not only take down the game server but our
TeamSpeak server as well.  Considering we have a practice tonight, I
don't think I should risk it.

In the meantime, if anyone is interested in seeing what I am talking
about with the F-16, here are some links to a few images:


When the plane spawns, the entire wheel is underground.  If you jump in
and hit the thrusters, it will level itself as you gain speed and start
to act normally.  However, as soon as you land and start to come to a
halt, the strut under the right wing sinks down again.  If you look
closely, you'll see the strut isn't connected to the wheel on the right
as it is on the left.  It's as if the calculation that places the strut
in the center of the wheel is wrong.

By the way, I just want to take a moment to thank everyone who has taken
the time to weigh in on this issue.  I know it's not very important to
anyone outside of our gaming community, but I've received some top-notch
help regardless from some very cool people.  The Fedora community is
truly a wonderful group of individuals that don't get nearly the amount
of praise they deserve.  Thanks again!

As soon as I install the kernel files tomorrow, I'll post my results.

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