"Stateless Linux" project

Tim Daly daly at rio.sci.ccny.cuny.edu
Mon Sep 20 15:29:31 UTC 2004

>> I'm sorry if I sound like a curmudgeon but this is just what happens
>> when you hear developers promising the world year after year and the
>> world simply never showing up.
>Point(s) taken. I won't argue - you are right.
>However, I'd just like to flag up the popularity of Knoppix.
>Who really would have predicted two years ago that it would be common
>for people to hand out live CDs at public meetings, or engineers take
>along a Knoppix CD to rescue and diagnose sick systems (I do).
>At the UKUUG meeting there was a presentation from Sunderland University
>on preparing custom Knoppix CDs for their staff and students this year.
>Other places will be doing similar.
>I fully recognise this is a different scenario.

Actually, development of this idea is "in process". See

The idea is to develop a live CD that can be given out at scientific
conferences. These CDs would allow a scientist to share their work
by working on a common repository (the mother doyen) using a common
platform (the daughter doyen). 

This would open up a new market for Fedora, building and maintaining
a custom scientific ecosystem.

Tim Daly
daly at idsi.net

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