Polishing Fedora's specs

Marcin Garski mgarski at post.pl
Sun Sep 26 14:23:02 UTC 2004

Harald Hoyer wrote:
>>I don't have diffs for specs. I do all my tasks in HTML table.
>>I think that mixture of both are at one side better, because as I see 
>>I'll have to fil about 500 bugs :). Do you want that ;) ?
>>Also I've already fil this kind of bugs, and had quite different replays.
>>At one side very good, but at other eg. #131846 it wasn't so kind :/
>>Beside still in development tree xerces-j is in old version and probably 
>>was in FC2.
> Do you have your data in a parsable format? If yes, send it to me, I'll 
> try to automate the bugzilla creation process with perl or python...

What format would you like?


If example "URL" is correct then it will be # at the beginning.
Best Regards
Marcin Garski

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