Default cursor theme for FC5.

Thomas M Steenholdt tmus at
Wed Dec 14 16:44:42 UTC 2005

Marcus Hartig wrote:
> Thomas M Steenholdt wrote:
>> By all means, make a decent one (like bluecurve) default and make a 
>> selection of others available in extras.
>> Since we're trying to slim core down, adding several mouse themes may 
>> not be the way to go! (although they don't fill that much space)
> Yes, but the jimmac cursor for example is only 185kb here...
> When I look in other places:
> /lib/kbd/consolefonts (194 fonts)
> /lib/kbd/consolefonts/partialfonts)
> /lib/kbd/keymaps
> ...
> SYSFONT="latarcyrheb-sun16" ?
> +1000 translations I will never use in /usr/share/locales: du -h
> 230M
> Nothing against Spain, but why are cups translations in Spanish laying 
> here around? Is really no other way possible, that every pkg installs 
> all translations from Chinese to xyz?
> And many man-pages and others...nobody read them really, only the sys 
> admins or for the important linux tools...There are really other bigger 
> things to slim the Linux or Fedora system down, as a little nice cursor 
> using every day.
> Marcus

I agree that the jimmac theme is the way to go - but thats an oppinion - 
and others may (and will) disagree.

As for all the other stuff to remove from the distro - that's a 
different thread and also a work in progress. I can't remember what was 
decided with regards to languages. I don't think you should get all 
languages installed unless you do an everything install or something, 
but i may be wrong.


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