Firefox binary plugins on x86_64

Warren Togami wtogami at
Wed Jul 27 05:40:16 UTC 2005

Christopher Aillon wrote:
> Bill Nottingham wrote:
>> Christopher Aillon (caillon at said:
>>> SuSE ships both the 32 and 64 bit versions of the browser on x86-64 
>>> precisely for this problem, which I'm pretty sure we do as well.
>> No, we don't.
> Why not?  We used to at some point in the not-too-distant past or my 
> memory is failing me at my old age.  :-(

With FC4+, aside from the conflicting /usr/bin/firefox script, it is 
now impossible to even uninstall the 64bit firefox and install the 32bit 
firefox due to the multilib bonoboectomy.  Doing this has been 
problematic in the past when it was possible during FC3, because 
whenever there is another firefox security update, it would blow away 
the 32bit version and install the new 64bit version.

Warren Togami
wtogami at

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