What next?

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at gmail.com
Thu Jun 2 11:24:27 UTC 2005

> > Contacts/address book is coming. The project was originally Novells
> > Netmail product but they have to scrub the code to get any stuff out
> > that they can't release as open source for what ever reason and its
> > taking time but they are getting there. I think the address book code
> > is one of the next on the list (you can see the remaining list on
> > their site under scrub list). I think its the most promising open
> > mail/calender/contacts product out there. Looking forward to the
> > promised gmail esque webmail/calender interface :-)
> >
> > Been meaning to try and package this up as an rpm myself.
> *hint hint* There's a first attempt (since abandoned, I believe) at a
> package of hula in the Extras CVS that you might start from
> Just as a word of warning: hula's a big, complex, ugly web app from a
> packaging perspective. It really wasn't designed with sane packaging (or
> sane integration period) in mind ;-)

I suspected as much which is why I've not got around to doing it yet :-)


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