[PATCH] mkinitrd rescue mode

Jason L Tibbitts III tibbs at math.uh.edu
Thu Jun 2 20:08:11 UTC 2005

>>>>> "JL" == Jeffrey Layton <jlayton at redhat.com> writes:

JL> Essentially, I'm sending this to solicit some feedback on
JL> it. Anyone have comments or concerns with this idea?

I really like the idea.  Often when there's a problem I don't want to
go messing with the DHCP server to get a PXE load going (due the the
screams from the hallway) and I have a couple of boxes on networks not
under my control so that there's no chance of getting DHCP properly

Many will complain about initramfs bloat and those complaints are
valid.  But isn't the initramfs dynamically generated at kernel
install time (or later if you call the right tool)?  So let me decide
(via /etc/sysconfig/mkinitrd or whatever) what stuff gets crammed into
my initramfs and give me a boot flag to drop into it and I'm quite

 - J<

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