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Mon Jun 6 15:19:19 UTC 2005

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Tarjei Knapstad wrote:
> On Fri, 2005-06-03 at 06:10, Emily Brantley wrote:
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>>>Just found out this page:
>>>Thanks Warren  for putting some ideas there...  I'll take a look on some
>>>of these ideas and try to come up with some good solutions for those
>>>problems (and try to get more volunteers ;D )
>>that definitely is what we needed.  this thread could be a lightning-rod
>>of sorts for proposing other ideas, i suppose, but i'll go look at that
>>page now.  thanks !
> A good candidate:
> The article itself is somewhat of a rant, but that aside I've had
> similar trouble myself when setting up network printing here in the
> office and know lots of others...
> I can email this as a suggestion to the address mentioned on the
> bounties page.
> --
> Tarjei

i read that in the past, and that's just the sort of thing i mean !  i
don't feel like i can put my faith in the normal config tools and leave
someone alone with a FC system without some hand-holding.

i think my personal life (working on a client's project and getting
ready to move), as well as my shaky status as student (i'm moving
schools as well) preclude me from personally taking part in the summer
of code...

someone should do this though !
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