Smart package manager (was Re: Making update functionality more usable (Was: Re: What next?))

Chris Adams cmadams at
Sat Jun 11 02:29:57 UTC 2005

Once upon a time, Chris McDonough <chrism at> said:
> But if "multilib" means "the capability to distinguish between multiple
> architecture packages for the same component and have the ability to
> install each simultaneously or independently", smart seems to be able to
> do that just fine.

That's not what multilib means.  It means the ability to take into
account 32 and 64 bit libs and apps, and properly satisfy dependencies
as appropriate.  For example, if on a 64 bit arch I want to install a 32
bit app, the package management tool has to know that if the app
requires libabc, it needs to find a 32 bit libabc to satisfy the dep
(whether or not the 64 bit libabc is install or available has no

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