how to assign full access rights to guest

harshavardhanreddy mandeepala hvreddy1110 at
Thu Jun 23 13:51:22 UTC 2005

I am using Linux fedora core 3.
I want to shutdown the system from  .bash_profile  file
cd /sbin
./shutdown -g o
but when I run the file otherthan a superuser it is giving error message as
           " to run "shutdown" u must be a root"
 but i want to execute shutdown command  as  a non root user (Ex: guest)
Even i have used  command for changing the ownership as
chown "guest" /root -R      Still it is giving error.

Is there any other way to shutdown other than .bash_profile  from  user "guest".
How can i give full permissions  to my user "guest"  as equal as
"root" ,so that i can run "shutdown" command.

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