Cairo [was: rawhide report: 20050621 changes]

Nicolas Mailhot Nicolas.Mailhot at
Fri Jun 24 20:13:28 UTC 2005

Le mercredi 22 juin 2005 à 22:54 +0200, Nicolas Mailhot a écrit :
> Le mercredi 22 juin 2005 à 14:28 -0400, Jon Nettleton a écrit :
> > Everything is working great so far.  As per an earlier email on this
> > thread you have to go into /usr/bin/firefox and /usr/bin/mozilla and
> > uncomment.
> > 
> Thanks, I had missed this part

The new firefox package works as-is BUT it ignores the desktop DPI
value. In my case that means all firefox GUI elements have a different
text size than in other apps.

RHAAA real screens are not limited to 96dpi. Whoever started hardcoding
this value everywhere à la windows did the Unix desktop a great


Nicolas Mailhot
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