gnome-screenshot, gone?

sangu linux00 at
Tue Mar 1 06:28:13 UTC 2005

$rpm -ql gnome-utils | grep gnome-screenshot
$rpm -q gnome-utils

2005-03-01 (화), 15:11 +0900, Naoki 쓰시길:
>Hi all, I'm running gnome-panel-2.9.91-2 and gnome-screenshot has gone
>away. I can add it to the panel but the executable isn't there.
>FC3 package :
># rpm -qlp gnome-panel-2.8.1-3.i386.rpm | grep screen
>FC4 package :
>$ rpm -qlp gnome-panel-2.9.91-2.i386.rpm | grep screen
>The changelog entries for screen shot show :
>$ rpm -qp --changelog gnome-panel-2.9.91-2.i386.rpm |grep screen
>- fix the extra separator left when we lack screenshot menuitem
>- run xscreensaver fortune instead of just "fortune" from the fish
>- Fix problem with "hold down print screen" (71432)
>- remove gnome-panel-screenshot patch now upstream
>- Fix gnome-panel-screenshot
>I've looked at the list archives but can't find it. Anybody know what
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