Package pruning for FC4 and beyond - COMPLETE LIST

Stan Bubrouski stan at
Tue Mar 1 17:41:29 UTC 2005

Ralf Corsepius wrote:
> Either pull one of those in Extras, .. or learn to launch a terminal and
> start an ASCII-editor :-)

Yeah but when people load up X they aren't wasting the memory to 
continue to do everything in terminals...that's kinda the point...

> .. may-be then they finally realize they don't need one of these GUI-
> editors ;-)

Forcing them to doesn't really make X look that useful to new users,
or that friendly either.

> In emergency situations they will have to use them anyway ... Oh, wait,
> I forgot, these users will reinstall everything, should the X-server
> come up, or something else prevent them from logging in "graphically".

Sure cause they are all too stupid use a web browser and look for a 
solution.  Your view of typical Fedora users is somewhat disheartening. 
  Would you think taking notepad out of Windows would make more people 
use DOS Edit?  Or install someting else?

Look all I'm saying is why take the basic GUI editors out when they
don't really take much space and don't take 2 mins to load like OO?


> Ralf

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