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Sat Mar 5 02:37:48 UTC 2005

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Evening all,

Figured I have been making enough problems on the list I might as well
formally introduce myself and try to get myself in a position to cause
even more trouble ;-)

I am currently employed at the State University of New York ( SUNY )
at Albany as a Systems Administrator in the Research IT department.
One of the nice things about my current position is that I have access
to many interesting platforms.  Right now we have a mixture of pSeries
(ppc64), Intel, Intel 64bit, and G4's.  Fedora has been playing an
ever increasing role in our infrastructure because of it's
functionality and flexibility.  My employer has also cleared the way
to me utilizing the ppc64 platform as a possible build platform for

I have been using Linux in some form since 1993 and have been using it
professionally since 1996.  In that time I have managed and programmed
on Linux and many Unix operating systems.  With necessity being the
mother of invention I developed the first php_ldap module for use with
our internal authentication mechanism.  I have also submitted patches
for other FOSS projects including Samba, wine, and mozilla.

I am hoping to get more involved with the Fedora project by becoming a
maintainer.  I would love to take over the maintenance of the
currently abandoned parchive tool, add the newer par2cmdline tool, and
the BioInformatics tools (bioperl, gibbs, hmmer, mpiblast, and
NCBI-tools) that I have been creating and maintaining for our research
cluster.  At this point I have the paperwork, I have access to several
different platforms including the most popular x86, x86_64, and ppc.
I have included two src.rpm's as examples of my own work.  I also have
many rpm's that have been collected, cleaned up, repackaged, and
rebuild for FC3.  I am also more than willing to take ownership of
random abandoned packages as long as I have a way to test them.

I have already asked a few people informally for sponsorship, but this
is a formal request to gain access to maintain the above packages and
more as time goes on.  I have the paperwork done and ready to go.

Eric Warnke
Systems Administrator - Research IT
SUNY at Albany
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