DVD burning goosed?

Paul paul at all-the-johnsons.co.uk
Wed Mar 23 10:17:16 UTC 2005


> > I guess it's a fine line of distinction, but your question really is a
> > 'support' question.  fedora-devel is more about where development is
> > going, not what's not working.
> The test list is described as applying to test releases only.
> Rawhide is not a formal test release.
> I guess if someone wanted to apply all the list rules strictly now we'd
> find rawhide bug reports belong nowhere (except in bugzilla, but ML
> reports and bugzilla are not exactly the same thing)

I've filed it in the test list and the devel list. Given that it's a
rawhide issue (and this is where I normally check before adding it into
bugzilla - even when test versions are out), I'd of thought here was the
right place - it certainly is/has been for OOo and Kernel issues.

Perhaps there should be a distinction made.

-test for those who get their updates from the test yum repository
-devel for those who get their updates from the devel yum repository

That would make life a lot simpler!


(still stuck over the DVD irrespective of the list used!)
"It is often said that something cannot be libel if it is the truth.
This has had to be amended to 'something cannot be libel if it is the
truth or if the bank balance says otherwise'" - US Today
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