Stateless Debian Project

Reuben Moore rmoore at
Fri May 6 05:12:05 UTC 2005

Hi all,

I'm glad to hear that the "Fedora" Stateless Linux project will 
continue. While I have not had the chance to test it out yet, I am very 
interested in it's potential and will most certainly be setting up the 
prototype system to start in with any help I can provide in its testing 
and or development. (-especially since looking at this lists threads 
regarding Fedora's involvement gave me the sense of Fedora/Red Hat 

Not to overdo my concern for this project, but the ability to "throw a 
computer out the window" and then be able to "recreate its software, 
configuration, and user data bit-for-bit identically on a new piece of 
hardware" among other aspects of the project benefits like thin clients 
has me stoked. I joined this mailing list exclusively because of the 
Stateless Linux project. I can see all the Linux servers at the ISP I 
administrate as (cached client) servers today. Not to mention shared 
root virtual server environment possibilities.

I've setup  LTSP to wireless laptops for a local golf course lounge room 
that has stateless ability so someone screwing with the desktop returned 
clean environment for the next persons use. I can see the stateless 
solution even better with a more powerful laptop for local cache 
snapshot improving on network bandwidth, speed increase, and other 
bennies of using the local machine for ALL the processing -and still be 
stateless or even thin. I'd like to see Fedora/Red Hat take the cake on 
these types of solutions and provide, as mentioned for "goals" in the 
StatelessLinux.pdf,  having "out of the box" -designed in as part of an 
OS, go head to head with any up and coming competition. See: . 
Regardless of the ups and downs of thin client fashion I do not believe 
these kind of solutions are going away.

Conclusively,  this email is forwarding to the local LUG in my area to 
try and bolster some incentive(revival) of our own (as of lately) Linux 
lackluster. Also, given the LUG community in my area has a lot of Debian 
users, some of relative links mentioned in these mailings regarding 
Stateless Linux accordingly.

Fedora-devel archives for this mailing list reside here:

Debian links associated in this project here:

Starting point for Fedora Stateless Linux project information here:

Thanks for listening,


PS, lets hear some input on this RPLUG, I'd be happy to do a meeting / 
demo of such much like I did with LTSP.

Havoc Pennington wrote:

>On Thu, 2005-05-05 at 16:29 -0400, Havoc Pennington wrote:
>>It looks like we do plan to continue the stateless project (and related
>>efforts) - lining up the people and the plan right now. It's true that
>>it won't make FC4 though.
>BTW, part of the delay was collecting customer feedback and better
>understanding how this project relates to the real world, other
>architecture components, and what it should be like in general.

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