Raising the bar for FC4

Elliot Lee sopwith at redhat.com
Mon May 16 20:21:14 UTC 2005

Hi all,

Fedora Core 4 public release is currently targeted for Monday, June 6. To
hit that, we need some time in advance doing QA and final polishing. For
test releases that is usually about a week, but this is the final FC4
release so we need a bit of extra time to do the final steps.

This means that Monday, May 23 is the final final freeze for FC4. After
that, the bar for accepting changes into FC4 is even higher. Fixes will
need to be for showstopper bugs (data corruption, crashing programs, and
other things that impact a large percentage of users in a major way). I've
sent out reminder e-mails to people who currently own FC4Target and
FC4Blocker bugs in bugzilla, so you should know if you have specific bugs
to address.

If you don't have any bugs to address, you can still help by doing test
installs of rawhide. I'll also try to get a few intermediate test trees
out for people to install.

If the plan needs clarification, please let me know!
-- Elliot

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