PPC and RS/6000 (PReP)

Ricardo Ariel Gorosito rgorosito at comarb.gov.ar
Wed May 18 22:55:25 UTC 2005

will RS/6000 be supported in FC4? rawhide's changelog from 20050514 say 
"Enable CONFIG_ISA on ppc32 to make the RS/6000 user happy" in kernel 
package and AFAIK anaconda has some support for PReP machines (changelog 
in anaconda 2005-Apr-26 talk about PReP in iSeries).
I have downloades FC4T3 and when I try to boot 1st CD, the host freeze 
and in led display show F4D ('Bit-map file read into memory, start 

CD1/images/README say "Images for installing on an iSeries machine can 
be found in the ppc/iSeries directory." but ppc/iSeries does not exist

I'm testing with RS/6000 7043-240 (UP) processor is ppc604e (pSeries 
PReP, not CHRP). It is running linux today.


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