Suspend problems on a thinkpad?

Shane Stixrud shane at
Mon Apr 3 04:44:20 UTC 2006

On Mon, 3 Apr 2006, Brad Smith wrote:

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> Has anyone found a trick for (or even had a problem) getting suspend to work properly under FC5 on a
> Thinkpad T30? Under FC4 everything worked fine on mine, I just had to include "apm=on acpi=off"
> in the kernel args. After a fresh install of FC5, with or without the kernel args, it is a no go.
> When I close the laptop it goes into suspend, but when I open it again I experience varying levels
> of freezing up. I say varying because sometimes it's locked completely, sometimes the mouse moves
> but the cursor does not change, clicks are unresponsive and the keyboard does nothing. One time
> things seemed to work but when I moved my mouse over the gnome panel it disappeared. I switched to a
> VC and back, which somehow fixed the problem.

Well suspend works fine on my T41 thinkpad, it is resume that kills my 
system ;).  In my case it resumes fine everything works for a few 
seconds to a minute and then I get major disk errors in dmesg, disk mounts 
read-only then system crashes, but not before I get disk corruption :(. 
Sounds like your problem might be a bit different?

I opened a bugzilla on my issue here:


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