Move Evolution to Extras?

Bojan Smojver bojan at
Wed Apr 5 10:40:06 UTC 2006

> It seems broken to me -- your reply lacked a 'References:' or
> 'In-Reply-To:' header, and thus was detached from the thread because it
> didn't indicate which message it was a response to.

He, he, the message wasn't even sent from Evo. It was sent from IMP.

And detachment is due to the fact that I chose not the receive messages from the list. So, I just "fake" the replies (like this one I'm sending now from Evo :-)

> Please try to fix that -- it's very rude to post without threading
> information to public fora; especially busy mailing lists like this one.

Whoa! Attack of the mailing list police ;-)


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