Sessions and how to get rid of the RHN alert icon

Jon Savage jonathansavage at
Sat Feb 4 22:19:03 UTC 2006

> I blame the RHN alert icon. I don't know if it's the root of the
> problem, but I use rawhide, and I don't need an alert icon anyway. So,
> I'd like to get rid of it. However, it keeps coming back. If you click
> on Configuration -> Forward -> Remove from Panel, it disappears, but
> keeps coming back on every login. The same thing happens if you remove
> it from the Current Session.
> There used to be a checkbox "Save Session" on the Log Out button, but I
> don't see it anymore. How do I get rid of the icon, and save the
> session, so that it doesn't come back?
chkconfig --level 0123456 rhnsd off
should do the trick if memory serves

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